Web-based SSH  


SiteControl provides a Web-based interface that enables you to connect to and communicate with your Web server via SSH (Secure Shell). SSH encrypts the session so that others cannot eavesdrop and enables secure remote access to an SSH-enabled server.

Your website's administrator can log in to SiteControl and access your Web servers from a remote location (such as at home, or from a hotel room) to check activity logs, move files from one computer to another, monitor system performance or update user access privileges and be assured that the connection is secured.

Note: The Username and password for uploading files via FTP will be the same as your master username and password.

To use SSH:

  1. Download and install the Java program needed to run SSH at

    *Note: You may need to restart your computer after installing the Java program as well.

  2. In the home page of SiteControl under the Manage Services section, click Website.

  3. In the Website page under the File Manager section, click SSH.

  4. Click the Launch SSH link.

  5. A Java pop-up window appears. Type in your command at the $ command prompt.

  6. For example, the command whoami will tell you which user you are currently signed in with.  

  7. Type sftp yourdomain.com after the command prompt to use secure FTP.

  8. Type ssh yourdomain.com after the command prompt to use secure ssh.

  9. After you type in either SFTP and SSH, you will be asked for your password which is usually your master account password unless you have changed it.

  10. You can now type in commands like wget which will download files to your shell.