SiteMail vs. Email Clients

SiteMail is our Web-based e-mail interface enabling you to check your messages at any time from any location as long as you have an Internet connection and a browser.  E-mail clients, on the other hand, are installed on your desktop, but gives you the flexibility of selecting your favorite e-mail application (such as Outlook).

To launch SiteMail:


To access SiteMail, you have two choices:

  • Log in to SiteControl or

  • Go directly to
    where you must log in manually using the full E-mail address and its case-sensitive password.


To access SiteMail via SiteControl, click Email in the Manage Services page of SiteControl.

 Under the Email Addresses section, click the Inbox icon of the email account you wish to access.



A separate window will open to the SiteMail interface.


For more detailed information on SiteMail, please visit the Web-based Email Access section.  If you would rather use an e-mail client, then please see the Desktop-based Email Configuration section.