The following information is specific to YourPay payment gateways. For information on fields common to all of the payment gateways, see Installing and Configuring Optional Payment Modules.

 YourPay Login. Provided to you in your Welcome email from YourPay.

 YourPay Server. Provided to you in your Welcome email from YourPay.

 YourPay Authorization Mode. The transaction mode of payments made during the checkout process. Pre-authorization means "Authorize only; don't settle." Immediately authorization means "Authorize and settle at the same time."

Important Notes about Certificate Upload

The file expected here is provided directly to you by YourPay via email as part of your merchant account setup process. When you receive this email, complete the following steps.


Copy and paste the certificate to a file (using Notepad or a plain text editor of your choice). Do not modify or format the text of this file, as this file must have the same spacing and line returns as the text sent in the email.


Save the file with the name:



You can now upload the certificate.


Note: If you receive an error stating "Could not execute curl" when testing this payment method, then the .pem file is missing or incorrectly formatted. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above and retest. If the problem persists, forward the email you received from YourPay that contains the pem certificate to our support team and explain the problem you are experiencing.